5 reasons why you should enter the nail competition

Published 31st Oct 2022 by PB Admin
5 reasons why you should enter the nail competition

Joining the nail competition gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself!  As well as the chance to take home a trophy, there is always the guarantee to better yourself as a nail technician. It's hugely beneficial for gaining exposure from both industry experts and peers. Competitions equip you with skills such as coping under pressure and delivering on demand requests. This competition is hosted by FNP and Sponsored by Glitterbels.


Here are five reasons why you should enter the nail competition:

1. Skill Building

Investing in your skills building can set you up for the future. When you get stuck in your way delivering nails in a salon day in and day out it can be difficult to progress. By entering this competition, it forces you to compare yourself to others, you can identify areas you need to develop and improve.

2. Product Control

Regular competing offers you the ability to discover how to control and master the correct quantities necessary for the perfect set. A large part of the judging criteria covers product control such as air bubbles, marbling, blending, and consistency. 

3. Nail your timings

When you are up against the clock in a competition, you are forced to address your timings. You must break down each working stage and stick to your timings to compete. Taking this skill back to the salon speeds up your salon timings, meaning you can avoid running late for clients.

4.Boost your confidence

When you regularly compete you will continue to see progress in your work which gives you a lot more confidence in what you’re doing and can push you and your abilities as a nail tech. Setting goals and taking the steps to complete these provide a sense of achievement.

5. Keep existing customers

Customers will be proud that they are clients of an award-winning business. This will serve as a strong indicator of trust-worthiness among customers and future clients. It can help cement your credibility as it's boosting your reputation.


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 31st Oct 2022

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